Pregnant Md. Woman Stabbed 7 Times, Court Documents Reveal

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Thierry K. Nkusu now faces charges of first-degree, premeditated murder in the death of his pregnant fiancee, Maria Veronica Mbunga.

A Maryland man arrested in the murder of a pregnant school bus driver is accused of stabbing her seven times in the neck, chest and abdomen, according to autopsy results described in a police affidavit, the Washington Post reports.

Thierry K. Nkusu is now facing charges of first-degree, premeditated murder in the death of Maria Veronica Mbunga. Nkusu was originally charged with second-degree murder, but the charges were upgraded after the autopsy findings. The police affidavit is expected to be reviewed in court Monday.

Mbunga, who worked as a school bus driver for Montgomery County, Md., public schools, sustained a total of 10 stab and cutting wounds. The cutting wounds, found on the backs of her hands, were an indication that she was trying to defend herself from an attack, according to the findings. Mbunga’s jugular vein was cut in the attack. She also sustained cuts and punctures to her lungs and small intestine. The fetus did not survive the attack.

A neighbor recounted hearing crying and a female voice yelling, “Leave me alone,” from inside Mbunga’s apartment, where she was killed, according to the affidavit. The neighbor also told investigators that a man was also heard screaming from the apartment.




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