Rieder: Sunday debate crucial for Trump

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You just can’t get good help these days.

Donald Trump enthusiast and veteran agent provocateur Roger Stone had assured the worldthat by Wednesday, Trump’s rival Hillary Clintonwould be finished after the latest bombshell fromJulian Assange and WikiLeaks.

But all Assange, one of the leading residents of Ecuador’s London  embassy, had on Tuesday was an infomercial for his document-leaking group, and Clinton remains in the race.

Which makes Presidential Debate No. 2 Sunday night at Washington University in St. Louis a very major deal for the author of The Art of the Deal.

As you may recall, Trump didn’t do too well in Debate No. 1 at Hofstra University on Sept. 26. He started strong, but then Clinton totally got under his skin, bringing out Trump at his worst. He interrupted constantly, he insulted, he rambled, he rambled some more, he was flummoxed, and when the deal went down, Clinton had opened up a meaningful lead over her Republican rival in the obsessively discussed polls. Compounding the damage, Trump spent a week bogged down on things like his insults of a former Miss Universe and dealing with questions about his leaked tax returns.

But Democrats — and people simply appalled if not terrified by the prospect of a Trump presidency — should hold off on opening the champagne. We’ve been here before. Trump had a similarly disastrous stretch after the conventions: His campaign seemed to be reeling, and Clinton took command of the race.




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