In VP Debate, Mike Pence Goes on 90-Minute Shaggy ‘It Wasn’t Me’ Defense

What's Going On

Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate featured Tim Kaine peppering Mike Pence with questions about Donald Trump’s past statements and Pence employing the Shaggy defense, denying everything Trump ever said.

Unless you’re one of those people whose Pandora/iTunes/Tidal service features no music that dropped before “Trap Queen,” you might remember a pop-reggae song called “It Wasn’t Me” from one-hit wonder and Rick Fox look-alike Shaggy. The song notes Shaggy’s tale of woe as he is busted by his girlfriend for “creepin’ with the girl next door.” Despite the obvious evidence of Shaggy’s infidelity, he’s got the same answer:

She even caught me in the shower
It wasn’t me
Saw me banging on the sofa
It wasn’t me
She even caught me on camera
It wasn’t me

We all knew Mike Pence was a rapper, but who knew he dipped into reggae? Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate featured the Republican employing the Shaggy defense, denying everything that running mate Donald Trump ever said.

Democrat Tim Kaine, for his part, knew his job going into the debate. No one cares what the vice presidents think or say, and unless your name is Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin, a vice president usually can’t really help or hurt the top of the ticket. Kaine rushed into the debate like a suburban Little League coach arguing every call on behalf of his daughter.




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