LAPD Releases Surveillance Video in Carnell Snell Jr. Shooting

What's Going On

Surveillance video from a shopping center near the shooting briefly shows a suspect holding what is believed to be a gun in his hand before running from police.

The Los Angeles Police Department released surveillance video Tuesday that shows the moments before police shot and killed an 18-year-old teen in South Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 45-second clip, which the LAPD posted to its YouTube channel, shows a suspect reported to be Carnell Snell Jr. in a shopping center. The young man paces back and forth in front of shops before crouching down behind an SUV. An object believed to be a handgun is removed from his waistband. The young man hesitates, then puts the item back in his waistband and runs along the walkway in front of the shops in the center before turning down a path out of view of the cameras. A few seconds later, an officer can be seen following him on foot.

The Associated Press reports that Police Chief Charlie Beck said that Snell ran between two houses and then turned toward police with the gun in his hand. Officers fired three shots, and Snell hopped over a fence before turning toward police again. Police fired three more shots, and that is when Snell collapsed to the ground.

Nothing in the video indicates that Snell was threatening police, and police still have not saidwhether Snell made any threatening moves toward them before they fired at him.





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