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We are a website that covers anything that educated people might discuss at a cocktail party. ┬áSo, you don’t have to be a techy in order to appreciate this website, but you should enjoy talking about thought provoking topics in science, technology, wealth-building, and other interesting areas. ┬áThat’s just what we do!


  1. Torsoli A, Corazziari E, Habib FI, Masi EDE, Biliotti D, Mazzarella R, Giubilei D, Fegiz G: Frequencies and cyclical pattern of the human sphincter of Oddi phasic activity. Gut 27:363 369, 1986

  2. Fin dall’iniziale “Two Way Action”, con i suoi marcati accenti rock e il suo violino sgargiante, subito chiaro che Bird si lasciato alle spalle il passato: “Ero eccitato per il modo in cui canzoni come ’11:11′ e ‘Two Way Action’ mi hanno sorpreso. Registrare un disco noioso se realizzi tutte le tue idee come le senti nella tua testa”.

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