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Study says black women with natural hair have low self-esteem

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Alternative Views

It appears that a company called published a misleading story about black women with natural hair having low self-esteem.  If you want to read a synopsis of what they were saying, you can read it below.  But it turns out that none of it is true By: Naturally Triece According to research by a cosmetic company, Bountiful Hair, women ...

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Pres Obama wants to make it illegal not to vote


Following low turnout of voters during the last midterm elections— especially among groups known to favor the Democratic Party — President Barack Obama has expressed support for the idea of making voting mandatory in the United States. Obama was in attendance at a town hall meeting at the City Club of Cleveland on Wednesday to provide answers to some questions raised by ...

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Are Facebook changes killing freedom of speech?


Reported Victor O. Top social media site Facebook has revised its community guidelines and is ready to take sterner actions against the spread of hate speeches on its platform, especially against those directed at what it described as “protected groups.” Facebook’s Community Standards spell out the things that are allowed and those that are not on the foremost social network. ...

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Cold and stupid: Crook tries to hide from cops in a snowbank


By Bandana Babu In a futile attempt to hide himself from the police, a man was found buried in snowbank. Identified as Anthony Vincent of Miami, the hidden man was found to be in possession of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, and also had a switchblade knife. The 28-year-old was initially being tracked down by Westchester County Police, who ...

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If someone delivers a pizza to you, don’t treat them like this


By Victor Ochieng A leaked video of employees at a car dealership being ornery with a delivery guy has gone viral and attracted sharp criticism from internet users. The video shows employees of F&R Auto Sales get into an argument with a guy over $7. The Palace Pizza delivery man is captured returning $7 to one of the employees before ...

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Man planned to kill as many government employees as possible

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By Nigel Boys Christopher Lee Cornell was arrested by the FBI on suspected terrorism charges after purchasing two M-15 rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition from a gun store in Cincinnati, Ohio last week. His father believes he was set up. Cornell had reportedly been talking with a man who he thought would be his accomplice in a planned attack on ...

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Netflix plans to crack down on those cheating the system


By Simi Afroza Mira Movie theaters are blaming Netflix for the decrease in teen and young adult movie goers.  Netflix is believed to be contributing to the lowered sales in DVDs as well. Every year, the video streamer’s audience seems to grow more and more, but the company is planning to become even more of a success by coming up with ...

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This camera will help you take the selfie of a lifetime

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Anyone that has tried it (and that means almost every single one of us) knows how difficult it is to get that perfect selfie. So many things can go wrong: the angle is off, one side is cut out and then there is the facial expression that is ruined by, ironically, having to focus so hard ...

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Denver Police trip a pregnant woman, and she falls HARD

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From Youtube: Video taken by a witness during an arrest shows a Denver police officer punching a suspect in the face six times and then tripping the man’s girlfriend who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, causing her to land on her belly and face. The witness who took the video claims an officer then took the tablet he was using to ...

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The Guardian writer says that Feminism is in danger of becoming toxic | Julie Bindel

Scientist Matt Taylor wearing his 'sexist' shirt

The scientist of Rosetta mission fame, Matt Taylor, is arguably better known at the moment for a shirt he wore, depicting scantily clad women than his extraordinary scientific breakthrough. After a massive kerfuffle, led by feminists, Taylor broke down in tears at a briefing recently and said: “I made a big mistake and I offended many people, and I am ...

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