Events that happen in the technology industry

Are Facebook changes killing freedom of speech?


Reported Victor O. Top social media site Facebook has revised its community guidelines and is ready to take sterner actions against the spread of hate speeches on its platform, especially against those directed at what it described as “protected groups.” Facebook’s Community Standards spell out the things that are allowed and those that are not on the foremost social network. ...

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Netflix plans to crack down on those cheating the system


By Simi Afroza Mira Movie theaters are blaming Netflix for the decrease in teen and young adult movie goers.  Netflix is believed to be contributing to the lowered sales in DVDs as well. Every year, the video streamer’s audience seems to grow more and more, but the company is planning to become even more of a success by coming up with ...

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AT&T was using a “supercookie” to track those who didn’t want to be traced


One of the growing problems with e-commerce is that many of the actions being committed by major corporations are going unregulated.  In this case, AT&T is the culprit of using a “super cookie” to track consumers and watch their every move.  One of the most promising aspects of digital technology for potential advertisers is that they are better than ever ...

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Has the Secret Service turned their backs on President Obama?


Before Obama was elected president, there was a running joke in the black community. Whenever someone was asked about the potential of ascending to the White House, the response was something along the lines of “No thanks. I enjoy living.” There was a presumption that any black person who made it to POTUS status would surely be assassinated. So we ...

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New Anti-Facebook social network is getting 35,000 users an hour


A new social network that is still in beta testing is getting tremendous buzz. is a site that has billed itself as an anti-Facebook of sorts, only allowing people to join when they have an invitation.  But 35,000 people are signing up every hour, which is giving the site a huge appeal to those who are sick of the ...

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ABC Officially owns black people on Thursday Night


Is Scandal a good show or a bad one for black America and those who love it?  That’s all up for debate.  But what isn’t debatable is the success of the show.  Millions of consistent viewers have turned Scandal into one of the hottest shows on television and made Shonda Rhimes very powerful and popular in Hollywood. African Americans watch ...

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The creator of “Good Times” is back with a vengeance after being blackballed by Hollywood


Reported by April Taylor Eric Monte’s story is one of betrayal, hope, and, with your help, redemption. Monte is a living legend for his role in creating the first successful show with a black cast since “Amos and Andy.” Prior to the shows he helped create in the 1970s, blacks were mainly portrayed as being uneducated and were usually cast ...

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A Private Prison Is So Bad That It’s Called “Gladiator School”

idaho gladiator school

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Prison is supposed to be about reform but it goes without saying that many prisons are about warehousing and profiting off the criminals within the confinement of the four walls. CCA (Corrections Corporations of America) is perhaps the largest privately owned prison system in America. When you think of CCA, you think of profit at ...

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Good News For Felons Who Want A Better Job

crimnal background check

By Lechette Walker Criminal background check questions normally discourage convicted felonies from filling out job applications, due to the fear of not getting the job because of their past behaviors. The criminal record has prevented the newly reformed or former criminal the opportunity of getting places to stay or to even earn an honest living. The rehabilitation of the former ...

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Power of the Tweet: Twitter Tries to Change One Rule and their Users Go Bananas


by Greg B. Thursday evening Twitter saw the power of social networking. Late Thursday Twitter decided to revert a change in their blocking policy that they had just enacted. Twitter, before the short change, had the functionality to block a user and that person would not have the ability to contact you in any way. Well, Twitter decided that they ...

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