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Many free apps have a hidden cost: Taking your personal data


Ever get on your smart phone and try to download some of the best free apps on the Internet?  You should probably watch your back, because many of these seemingly free products are not free at all.  Instead, they often come with a huge price in terms of privacy, and most consumers are not aware of what’s going on. It ...

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Facebook Post Cost Teen $6,000

bill for facebook pictures

By Nigel Boys Mother and daughter, Kate and Casey Snook were really enjoying their vacation in New York City, so much so, in fact, that the young girl took snapshots of everything they visited to show her friends back home in England. Casey, 14, was so impatient to share the experience with her friends she decided to upload her pictures ...

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Teens Prefer Twitter Because there are Too Many Grown Ups on Facebook

Twitter has been taking off as a primary social media destination for young people. It is now becoming more popular than Facebook, since the latter has expanded its audience to include old people.   According to a new study, teens said that they are now walking away from Facebook because they hate the people on the network and the things ...

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iWatch Coming Soon


          Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Forget the latest iPad minis. There is talk that the iWatch is coming soon! Reports from China, where Apple handles most of their manufacturing, say that the rumored watch is scheduled to hit the market next summer. It is alleged that the handy dandy more-than-a-wristband will feature a one-and-a-half inch ...

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Study Says Addictions to Facebook, Twitter Stronger than Cigarettes, Alcohol or Making Love


Researchers at The University of Chicago are claiming that your need to check your Facebook and Twitter accounts is greater than your desire to do nearly anything else.  The scientists took notice of the strong addictions that most Americans have to social media, and compared them against the addictions that plague us the most:  liquor, cigarettes, drugs and hitting the ...

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More on the iPhone 5 Defect That Causes the Screen to Flash


Many iPhone 5 users are a bit disappointed after discovering that the latest incarnation of the iPhone has a couple of, shall we say, quirks. First there is the problem with the camera which creates a purple halo if a user is pointing the camera in the direction of the sun. No word yet on whether that defect is caused ...

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Things that Some Users Hate about the iPhone 5


There are few products which receive more hype than the iPhon 5, recently released by Apple.  But after the hype wears off, the concerns start to sink in.  Reality can be tough to deal with when you believe that your company can do no wrong.  You head into the sleek, cool-looking Apple store, where there seem to be more employees ...

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Apple Cowers: No Longer Refers to It’s Maps App as “The Most Powerful Mapping Service”


Apple is the largest company in American history.  It’s products seem to score touchdowns before they even hit the market.  Everyone seems to love all that there is to appreciate about this company, with a degree of loyalty that just doesn’t make a lot of sense.  But the company had its armor chinked in recent weeks, as its map apps ...

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10 Terrible Smart Phone Habits You Want to Avoid at All Costs


Yes, we know that you love your phone.  But even though you and the phone are inseparable, there is a time when you have to part ways, at least a little bit.  You might be accustomed to checking for text messages, voicemails and emails in every spare second.  You’re constantly surfing the web, and you’re taking pictures that you will ...

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Facebook Lets You Do More Chatting with It’s iPhone 5 App


Facebook is pushing its mobile app pretty hard, even though it’s not quite a money maker for the company.  The app has been updated with a few neat features that might be helpful to you on the go, including a “swipe-left” contraption that makes it easier for you to chat with your friends. As if you really need yet another ...

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