7 foolish mistakes that people make when house hunting


If you’re thinking about purchasing your first home, it’s tempting to dive right in and start looking at houses. But before you dedicate your Saturday to visiting every open house in the city, you need to know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, the process of shopping for a home is likely to be long and frustrating. Ill-prepared and uninformed buyers ...

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Why every woman needs an emergency fund


No one wants a surprise medical bill or unexpected air conditioner repair charge. But if you have an emergency fund, an unexpected expense or drop in income is less likely to harm your long-term financial plans. “Everyone needs an emergency fund, because unexpected things do happen, like losing a job or needing repairs on your home,” says Abigail Gunderson, a ...

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Greeks face only bad choices on eve of historic vote


Corrections & Clarifications: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the Greek official who accused international creditors of “terrorism.” Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis made the statement in an interview published in Spanish daily “El Mundo.” ATHENS — However Greeks vote in Sunday’s historic referendum on a bailout plan, they know they’re headed for tough times ahead. A “yes” vote means they ...

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Star Trek Icon Apologizes for Clarence Thomas ‘Blackface’ Slur


George Takei called Thomas a “clown in blackface” following the justice’s dissent in last week’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling. Star Trek legend George Takei has apologized for calling Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” following the Supreme Court justice’s dissent in last week’s landmark same-sex marriage ruling, according to CNN. “I was still seething, and I referred to him as ...

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NYC area authorities warn consumers not to by gun cell phone case


Several law enforcement agencies across the New York Area are warning consumers that it would be a bad idea to buy a new cell phone case that resembles a gun. There is a handle attached to the case that makes it look like someone is carrying a weapon. “My reaction would be you’re asking for trouble with that,” Bethpage resident Johnny ...

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How much is your daily commute really costing you?


The workplace is no place to let your financial guard down. A job is the most popular income source, but it can also wreak havoc on your budget. Professional clothes cost money, vending machines tempt your inner child, and office pools routinely drain your pocket cash. However, one of your biggest work-related expenses occurs before you even step foot in ...

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Study says many home efficiency upgrades don’t pay off


NEW YORK — Home efficiency measures such as installing new windows or replacing insulation deliver such a small fraction of their promised energy savings that they may not save any money over the long run, according to the surprising conclusion of aUniversity of Chicago study. The study, which used data from a random sample of 30,000 low-income Michigan households that ...

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3D-printed cars moving closer to production


The 3D-printed car, easily configurable and made right before your eyes, is coming closer to reality. A California-based company unveiled a prototype supercar that it says could dramatically reduce “the pollution, materials and capital costs” that go into their manufacture. And next week, a Phoenix company says it is ready to unveil the design for its “road-ready” 3D-printed car. Last ...

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Cause of Fire at Mount Zion AME Church Ruled ‘Natural’


Investigators in South Carolina said Thursday that a fire at a historic black church this week was most likely sparked by natural causes and that no criminal intent was found. The State Law Enforcement Division, or SLED, said the investigation into the blaze that gutted Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church on Tuesday was conducted with help of the federal ...

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U.S. will punish Fiat Chrysler over recall failures


WASHINGTON—The chief U.S. government official in charge of auto safety said Thursday that he will punish Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after regulators accused the automaker of flubbing recall fixes and repeatedly failing to notify the U.S. government and vehicle owners about defects. The automaker, which controls the Auburn Hills, Mich.-based car company previously called Chrysler Group, is under scrutiny for its ...

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