Feminists in an uproar over Game of Thrones


“Game of Thrones” has chopped off heads, castrated characters and slaughtered them in wedding blood baths. But HBO tested the limits of many viewers with a recent scene involving sexual assault.   Sunday night’s episode of “GoT” will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most controversial episodes of the series. In the episode, Sansa Stark marries Ramsay Bolton, a ...

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ABC Officially owns black people on Thursday Night


Is Scandal a good show or a bad one for black America and those who love it?  That’s all up for debate.  But what isn’t debatable is the success of the show.  Millions of consistent viewers have turned Scandal into one of the hottest shows on television and made Shonda Rhimes very powerful and popular in Hollywood. African Americans watch ...

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Facial Recognition Technology: Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

xbox facial recognition

By Nigel Boys Dan Ackerman, technology writer for CNET, has just finished comparing the facial recognition capabilities of the PlayStation 4 camera and Xbox One Kinect. Here are some of the results of his comparison. According to Ackerman, both game systems can be used to log on users using facial recognition through the use of proprietary camera technology but he ...

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New Videogame Console Costs Only $99


Have you heard of the new video game system called Ouya? You will. And at just $99 for open gaming, you’ll want one. Thanks to pledges of more than $3 million in two days on the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, the Ouya has the potential to become the gaming world’s next best thing. The video game project made Kickstarter history by ...

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CEO Says Your “Internet Activities” Will Last Over 100 Years

Phil libin Staff Writer No one can say what the future will hold, but Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote is stating you will be able to look back on your past through internet archives stored on his website for at least 100 years. As history has shown us through the years, it changes and it does so drastically.  Just two decades ...

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Microsoft applies to patent gesture-based MIDI interface, turn us all into Jean Michel Jarre

Image jeanmicheljarrein1.jpg

Microsoft has applied to patent a free-space gesture controller for a MIDI interface that could see you kicking out jams on invisible instruments. Using a Kinect-style depth camera, individual movements would be mapped to notes and played out by the games console observing the action. The company actually teased a similar function in its Kinect Effect advert, where it showed cellists, violinists and pianists all miming in front of the sensor, although we doubt the technology is at a sufficiently capable stage just yet.

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HP Pavilion dv6 gets treated to AMD’s Trinity processor, shakes hands with Ivy Bridge twin

Image dv6.jpg

HP's Pavilion dv6 must be pretty popular. That's how we'd explain the fact that the laptop will be one of the first to land with AMD's Trinity chipset -- despite already appearing with an Ivy Bridge refresh

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Engineer makes light-up business cards with 555 timer, proves PCB skills

Image biz-card.jpg

Sure, there have been some pretty creative variations on the standard paper business card, but if you're looking to make a career in electronics engineering, card stock isn't necessarily the best option for material. Such was the case for one student, who had the canny idea to make a card that demonstrates his printed circuit board know-how

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Disney troubled over early offering of John Carter DVD by Netflix and Redbox

Image johncarter6-8-1339178346.jpg

Well, well, the warrior from Mars seems to have stirred some problems over in the US of A. According to the LA Times , Disney isn't exactly happy with Netflix and Redbox , mainly because they're both offering the hot-off-the-press John Carter DVD ahead of that 28-day rental window -- granted, the parties never agreed to a deal in the first place, and thus it shouldn't cause any legal troubles. The conundrum started after Walt's movie studio couldn't close a pact with Netflix and Redbox that'd see them offer new rentals after the aforementioned time frame .

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Apple alternative to UDID may come soon, track app use without pesky privacy issues

Image iphone4s-review-angled-box-1339222144.jpg

Apple has already provided a few clues as to what it's going to put on the plate for developers at WWDC . One change that's unlikely to be touted at the keynote, or even the entire conference, could prove to be the most important for app writers: an alternative to the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) that Apple started phasing out a year ago

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