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How To Build Wealth Without Letting Your Family Situation Destroy It

By April Taylor Helping out friends and family financially can be a sticky and often misunderstood situation.  As Lynette Holloway writes for The Root, it is important to set boundaries and be aware of pitfalls when helping out those closest to you.  The blog is part of a series focused on building black wealth.  In […]

by Dr Boyce Watkins Due to their interesting choices in programming, VH1 might be better referred to as “The Evil Empire.”  Their endless stream of reality TV shows tend to focus on taking otherwise irrelevant black people and promoting them to the recognition level of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (I’m serious:  There are black […]

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Al Duncan: A Lesson On Soft Skills Mastery From Martin Luther King, Jr.

I recently gave a MLK Celebration Lecture at Darton College. The overall theme for the celebration was “What are you doing for others?” My talk was focused on one of the things that enabled Dr. King to be such a powerful servant leader—his skill set. His fight for truth and justice and his selfless service has left […]

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A Shocking Number of Americans Getting Life Sentences in Prison, Many for Non-Violent Offenses

by Barry Burch Jr. Despite a growing number of opinions in favor of reduced sentences for nonviolent offenders, those with life sentences continue to receive the cold shoulder.  David Sloan, who was paroled in February after serving 25 years for murder, and serves on the board of the Life Support Alliance (a California group that advocates for […]

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Former Bush Admin. Official and CIA Analyst Says Evidence against Syria is Fabricated

Ray McGovern, a veteran CIA analyst, has been sharing information with the public that is of grave concern to those who are not in support of US military intervention in Syria.   McGovern was among a group of veteran intelligence analysts who wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, warning him that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad […]

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Dr. Tyra Seldon:  Studies Show that Sending Kids to Prison Turns them Into Criminals as Adults

By Dr. Tyra Seldon Mass incarceration not only destroys the lives of adults, but according to a recent study, it creates a perilous future for young people who are incarcerated.  The study examined 35,000 people from Chicago who had committed crimes as youth. Researchers, Anna Aizer of Brown University and Joseph Doyle, Jr. of MIT, […]

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Grandmother Goes without Medicine so She Can Afford to Call Grandson in Prison

by Dr. Boyce Watkins Martha Wright is 86-years old and loves her grandson.   Wright has become unable to afford food and medication while also seeking to pay massive fees that are charged by the Corrections Corporation of America(CCA), whom she believes seeks to extract unfair amounts of money from the families of prison inmates. […]

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Lil Wayne’s Professed Drug Addictions and Hospitalization is a Warning about the Dangers of Codeine

One of the greatest marketing tools for drug addiction these days have been hip-hop artists who rap about “popping Mollys,” “sipping sizzurp,” and drinking until they pass out every single night.  But these drug addictions can cause serious long-term damage in those who are affected, and should not be taken lightly.  The recent hospitalizations of […]

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Farrakhan Says Black People Must Begin to Invest their Money

by Dr. Boyce Watkins This week, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke to thousands on the annual “Savior’s Day” in Chicago.  The storied leader, who is now 79-years old, talked about the state and direction of black America, and what must be done for the black community to prosper.   Much of the conversation […]

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Honor Student Performs for Obama’s Inauguration and is Shot a Few Blocks from Her Home

by Dr. Boyce Watkins A 15-year old girl was excited to perform before President Obama at his inauguration last week in Washington DC.  But just a few days later, excitement turned into tragedy when she was gunned down in close proximity to the president’s house.  Hadiya Pendleton lived on the south side of Chicago, a […]

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