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HBCU professor claims Ebola was created by the US government


By Nigel Boys According to Dr. Cyril Broderick, a professor of agriculture at Delaware State University, the U.S. Department of Defense is responsible for the outbreak of Ebola that is ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, West Africa. The Liberian Observer published an article by the Liberian-born professor which some find not only controversial, but decidedly conspiratorial, because he blames ...

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ABC Officially owns black people on Thursday Night


Is Scandal a good show or a bad one for black America and those who love it?  That’s all up for debate.  But what isn’t debatable is the success of the show.  Millions of consistent viewers have turned Scandal into one of the hottest shows on television and made Shonda Rhimes very powerful and popular in Hollywood. African Americans watch ...

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You Can Now Buy Your Weed in Colorado

weed in colorado

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III It’s Wednesday morning and you’re up early in Colorado. You rush to one of 37 stores to purchase something legally that you’ve never had the opportunity to purchase legally. No more sneaking around. No more going over someone’s house to get this one thing. Now you can buy it legally in the state of Colorado. ...

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Kinda Scary: Scientists Grow a Human Brain in a Petri Dish

Reported By: Britt L The last amazing thing we’ve heard come from a petri dish is a baby. However, recent research has shown that technology has become so advanced, that actual brains are being created in these small plastic dishes.  In the science journal Nature, at the institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna, biologists have grown a human brain using stem cells ...

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Japanese Launch a Robot Designed to Help with Space Exploration

By Staff Blogger Space exploration reached a new chapter today when Kirobo, a small toy-like robot, blasted off in Japan. His ultimate destination will be the International Space Station where he will be used to help scientists and researchers better understand how machines can help astronauts during their space explorations. Kirobo actually speaks Japanese and has both voice and facial ...

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President Obama Addressed the Nation Through the Lens of a Black Man

by Darrell Padgett The acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin spotlights just how imbalanced the criminal justice system is towards African Americans. As a result, I applaud President Obama for using the presidential platform to talk about white America’s fears of African American males. As the president acknowledged, the criminal justice system has a history of ...

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Report: Government Agencies Have Been Mining Private Data from Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Others

CNN is reporting that intelligence agencies for the federal government has been spying on you.  The agencies engaged in broad data mining operations, leading to the extraction of e-mail, photos and other private communications.  The agencies were given access to data from the largest internet companies in the US and Britain.  Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook all gave the government ...

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Shoplifter Tells Security Guard that He Has HIV “I’ll Bite You If You Touch Me”

In a country where some people are never given access to a better life, they might become menaces to society.  This fact presented itself when a 34-year old man in Lufkin, Texas was charged with robbery after trying to shoflift in a store.  When the man was caught, he alegedly told the security guard that he has HIV and that ...

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High Schooler Suspended, Gave Noose & KKK Symbol To Black Classmate


              Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Racism is never a laughing matter, but apparently some students of Wisconsin’s Baldwin-Woodville High School think it is. A number of classmates do not understand why an unnamed white male ninth-grade student had to be suspended for placing a KKK symbol and macramé noose on a black student’s desk while ...

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$30,000 Gold and Diamond MacBook a.k.a. “Mac Daddy”

computer choppers

                Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World Technology already makes quite a fashion statement these days with phone covers, laptops, and mp3 players coming in all varieties of colors, prints, and shapes. What could possible top that? Gold-plated phones, laptops, and mp3 players. Heck, the same company that glorifies all of the latter can ...

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