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Financial Lovemaking: Kandi Burruss and her lover’s financial mismatch

  Real Housewives star Kandi Burruss makes a lot of money.  Her man also makes a lot of money, but not enough to satisfy her mother.  Does that make him a financial inadequate partner?  Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown from Jet Magazine discuss whether or not it makes sense for a woman to […]

HP Pavilion dv6 gets treated to AMD’s Trinity processor, shakes hands with Ivy Bridge twin

HP’s Pavilion dv6 must be pretty popular. That’s how we’d explain the fact that the laptop will be one of the first to land with AMD’s Trinity chipset — despite already appearing with an Ivy Bridge refresh

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‘Free form’ lens over mobile display could improve audio and haptics, says Motorola patent filing

It’s hard to tell exactly what Motorola is thinking of here, but it probably isn’t a billowing sheet of fabric stretched loosely over the face of a smartphone — even if that’s what it looks like.

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VTech refreshes its MobiGo and InnoTab lines, keeps things affordable

VTech’s kid-friendly slab may not sport Google’s dessert-themed OS , but it does carry a lower sticker price than its Android – based competitors . The InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet keeps its predecessor’s $80 price tag while packing in 2GB of onboard storage (expandable up to 32GB with an SD card) and a rotating camera for taking stills, videos and playing AR games. The slate’s vanilla configuration will hit shelves this fall, but a WiFi-equipped version can be had this holiday season for a $20 premium

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So, Tesco buys Peter Gabriel’s WE7 music service for $16.7 million

British Supermarket behemoth Tesco has snapped up WE7 , a streaming music service co-founded by Peter Gabriel that offers personalized radio stations to users, for £10.8 million ($16.7 million).

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Dropbox confirms Galaxy S III on AT&T and Verizon won’t include 50GB storage

If that extra Dropbox storage helped swing the Galaxy S III pendulum in your favor, and you’re a customer of AT&T or Verizon , it’s not good news. Droid Life reports that one such expectant customer was asking Dropbox, via its forums, where their storage was. The cloud-space provider informed them that not all carriers are offering the deal, with those two big hitters being among them.

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Visualized: Swiss newspaper goes digital, prints front page in binary

Those newspaper types, give them an idea and they don’t half run with it .

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Disney troubled over early offering of John Carter DVD by Netflix and Redbox

Well, well, the warrior from Mars seems to have stirred some problems over in the US of A. According to the LA Times , Disney isn’t exactly happy with Netflix and Redbox , mainly because they’re both offering the hot-off-the-press John Carter DVD ahead of that 28-day rental window — granted, the parties never agreed to a deal in the first place, and thus it shouldn’t cause any legal troubles. The conundrum started after Walt’s movie studio couldn’t close a pact with Netflix and Redbox that’d see them offer new rentals after the aforementioned time frame .

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Metro-style Hotmail turns up in leaked screenshots

It certainly wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Microsoft would finally bring Hotmail into the Metro fold, but until now we haven’t had much evidence that such a change was actually in the works. If a set of leaked screenshots obtained by WinFuture are any indication, however, it looks like the nearly sixteen-year-old email service could soon be getting one of its biggest redesigns to date.

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Apple alternative to UDID may come soon, track app use without pesky privacy issues

Apple has already provided a few clues as to what it’s going to put on the plate for developers at WWDC . One change that’s unlikely to be touted at the keynote, or even the entire conference, could prove to be the most important for app writers: an alternative to the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) that Apple started phasing out a year ago

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