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Farrakhan Says Black People Must Begin to Invest their Money

by Dr. Boyce Watkins This week, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke to thousands on the annual “Savior’s Day” in Chicago.  The storied leader, who is now 79-years old, talked about the state and direction of black America, and what must be done for the black community to prosper.   Much of the conversation centered around investing, borrowing, lending, ...

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Here’s The Key to Ending the 14 Percent Black Unemployment Rate

The best way to decrease black unemployment in the Black Community is to support black-owned businesses because two out of every three workers employed in black-owned businesses are black

While the rest of the nation enjoys a single-digit unemployment rate, the Black Community’s unemployment rate has been consistently stuck in the double-digits. According to BlackEconomicDevelopment.com, the best way to rid the black community of the current 14 percent unemployment rate is to support black-owned businesses. Two out of every three workers employed by black-owned businesses are African American. BlackEconomicDevelopment.com ...

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Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

If you don’t believe that racism in the job market is real, then please read this article by Yolanda Spivey.  Spivey, who was seeking work in the insurance industry, found that she wasn’t getting any job offers.  But as an experiment, she changed her name to Bianca White, to see if employers would respond differently.  You’ll be shocked and amazed ...

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We Now Have More Jobs than We Had When Obama Took Office, but Not African Americans

It’s official:  We now have more jobs in the US economy than we had when President Obama took office.  The Democrats are cheering and of course, the Republicans are less optimistic.  But a recent jobs report puts the president over the top, and he is now allowed to refer to himself as a job creator. According to the Bureau of ...

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