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Good News For the Bald and Balding: New Hair Growth Technique Is Promising

By Nigel Boys The good news for anyone who is bald or going bald is that researchers are getting closer to being able to clone hair cells that. once replanted in the scalp, will hopefully grow hair once again. This information was revealed in a new study, published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Angela Christiano, ...

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How Did This Woman Get Pregnant by Two Men at the Same Time? She Released Two Eggs at Once

In science class, you probably learned that a woman can only get pregnant by one man at once.  That’s typically true, but if a woman is sleeping with more than one man at one time, things can sometimes happen in ways you might not expect. The case of Mia Washington was national news after it was reported that the woman ...

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Columbia University Has a “Whites Only” Scholarship

These are things that you thought would come to an end a long time ago, but it looks like change can be slow to transpire.  Columbia University is being asked to change one of its scholarships, which says “whites only” on the application. The Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowship states clearly that the funds be given only to “a person of ...

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