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Dr Boyce Watkins: 7 Ways VH1 is Destroying the Black Community

by Dr Boyce Watkins Due to their interesting choices in programming, VH1 might be better referred to as “The Evil Empire.”  Their endless stream of reality TV shows tend to focus on taking otherwise irrelevant black people and promoting them to the recognition level of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (I’m serious:  There are black kids who could identify a ...

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Research: Tequila Can be Used to Lose Weight, Lower Blood Sugar

Tequila helps with weight loss. www.techyville.com

Reported by Krystle Crossman Tequila is a staple liquor at any Mexican restaurant. You can find it in the best of margaritas. You will see people at the bar taking shots of Patron as they enjoy their night. While most alcohol is said to raise your blood sugar or cause you to become overweight due to the empty calories, tequila ...

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Fox Threatens To Switch To Cable, Claims Aereo Pirating Their Broadcast Signal

By Staff Blogger News Corp. may become a pay-TV channel if Aero, a streaming TV service, backed by Barry Diller, doesn’t close down. President and COO of News Corp., Chase Carey, said that they believe that Aereo is pirating their broadcast signal and that they won’t just sit idly by and let their content be stolen. A federal appeals court, ...

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Study: Spending Too Much Time on Facebook Can Leave You Depressed

According to two new studies, for some there is very little to “like” about Facebook. German researchers from Humboldt University in Berlin and Technical University in Darmstadt have found that one in three Facebook users become ‘generally dissatisfied’ with their lives after visiting the social networking site.  Most notable were feelings of jealousy brought on by happy images of friends ...

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Don’t Look Now, But Cable Companies Are Trying to Raise Your Internet Bill

As it stands, most cable companies charge a flat rate for internet usage, but if cable companies get their way, that’s all going to change. Cable companies have reportedly already begun testing a program that would charge customers based on the amount of data they use. The cable companies are planning on using something called “usage data pricing”, which will ...

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Super Bacteria Spreading and Doctors Have No Cure for It

by John Roberts, Techyville.com Its scary to think that doctors cannot always come up with the cure for our ailments. Now it is being brought to our attention that a bacterial infection has been spreading in the U.S since 2001. So far doctors have not been able to find one line of treatment that will kill the bacteria once it ...

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