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Israel Wants to Take Away Syria’s Chemical Weapons, but Refuses to Give Up Its Own

Although Syria has agreed to give up their chemical weapons, many have become concerned with Israels possession of chemical weapons. Syria signed a treaty called the Chemical Weapons Convension, which means they would give their chemical weapons up for peace. Israel signed the treaty in 1993, but they never enforced it. Israel claims that once the region signs the treaty ...

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Former Bush Admin. Official and CIA Analyst Says Evidence against Syria is Fabricated

Ray McGovern, a veteran CIA analyst, has been sharing information with the public that is of grave concern to those who are not in support of US military intervention in Syria.   McGovern was among a group of veteran intelligence analysts who wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, warning him that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is not the one responsible ...

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Fake Tweets about White House Explosion Cause Stock Market to Lose $136.5 Billion in Seconds

The stock market moves based on information.  Sometimes the information is accurate, sometimes it’s not.  A recent tweet that caused panic in the financial markets caused the financial markets to nearly decay into collapse, as the Syrian Electronic Army put out a tweet that looked real, but turned out to be fake. The group defines itself as being “proudly pro-Assad,” ...

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