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Why Our Universe is Not a Hologram

There’s a web post from the Nature website going around entitled “Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram.” It’s an interesting concept, but suffice it to say, the universe is not a hologram, certainly not in the way people think of holograms. So what is this “holographic universe” thing? It all has to do with string theory. Although ...

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Check It Out: Free Webinar Discusses How to Manage Your Ménage à trois

Jacquette Simmons launches a program to help singles and couples manager their menage a trois with money. www.techyville.com.

Reported by Ashley Naples Whether or not we’re aware of it, anyone who has ever been in a relationship has had a ménage à trois. Yes, even you. You’re probably saying that I’m crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about… But wait, there’s more. A ménage à trois does not have to consist of one wild night in Amsterdam’s Red ...

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School Forces Students To Ask Permission Before Using Toilet Paper

A school in Eastern Pennsylvania is having it’s decision-making questioned after it was reported that the school is now requiring students to ask for toilet paper.  The Mahony Area High School decided to take toilet paper out of the boys bathrooms after having a problem with boys intentionally clogging the toilets. Principal Thomas Smith now has the boys sign out ...

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Are Your Tattoos Crushing Your Potential to Find a Job? Maybe

Employers are not as strict as they used to be about hiring employees with tattoos; however, 32 percent of all laser tattoo removals have "employment reasons" as the purpose according, to The Patient's Guide.

Tattoos have long been viewed in society as a sign of a person being rebellious, wild, and dangerous. However, in recent years tattoos have become a more mainstream choice of body modification than it would have been even twenty or thirty years ago. According to a study done by the Pew Research Group , 36 percent of 18 – 25 ...

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